Tainted Rosca De Reyes Bread Tests Positive for Synthetic Cannabinoid

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Those who became sick after eating the Three Kings bread reported symptoms including dizziness, palpitations and numbness. (Credit: Orange County Health Care Agency)

Lab tests on tainted holiday bread from a bakery in Santa Ana that sickened dozens of people came back positive for “synthetic cannabinoid,” police revealed on Thursday.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Crime Lab classified the drug as a synthetic cannabinoid, but said it was better described as a synthetic cannabimimetic because it mimics some of the symptoms of cannabis consumption,” according to a news release from the Santa Ana Police Department.

More than 30 people became ill after eating Rosca de Reyes bread, also known as Three Kings Day or Epiphany bread, from Cholula’s Bakery, according to a news release from the Orange County Health Care Agency.

The bread was distributed by the bakery on Jan. 5 and 6 to a number of retail outlets in Orange County and Long Beach, health officials said.

Santa Ana police had opened a criminal investigation in to the matter.