Woman Gets $2,631 Instead of Food at New Hampshire Burger King Drive-Thru

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A Burger King drive-thru sign in Northern California is seen in this 2006 photo. (Credit: (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A New Hampshire woman who received thousands of dollars instead of her fast food order when she recently went to a Burger King drive-thru reportedly gave all the money back.

Janelle Jones had already driven away from the Rochester restaurant late Friday afternoon when she discovered the bag was filled with cash totaling $2,631 and not the junior spicy chicken sandwich she had ordered, according to the Associated Press, which cited a report from Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Jones called her husband and together they decided to return the money to the Burger King location.

Matthew Jones said the couple briefly flirted with the idea of keeping the cash, which he admitted to the New Hampshire newspaper they could’ve used.

But, he told the publication, he and his wife are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and “Jehovah sees everything.”

“It felt a lot better than keeping it,” Jones added, noting that the employees were extremely grateful to get the cash back when they returned it an hour later.

Janelle Jones told Foster’s Daily Democrat that a Burger King manager offered to give her five free meals.

Restaurant employees confirmed the story to the local newspaper, but declined further comment, according to AP.

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