‘Zombie Cat’ Bart Climbs Out of Grave 5 Days After Being Hit by Car (Warning: Graphic Images)

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A cat named “Bart” was being called a “miracle” after he survived mistakenly being buried alive by his Florida owner, according to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.

Bart’s owner thought the 2 or 3-year-old cat had died when he discovered the feline’s apparently lifeless body after he had been hit by a car, a news release from the animal organization stated. He later buried the cat in his yard.

But five days later, Bart dug, clawed and climbed his way out from the ground. He showed up at a neighbor’s yard and slowly tried to make his way back home.

Bart the so-called "miracle cat" as he was found prior to surgery. (Credit: Tampa Bay Humane Society)

Bart the so-called “miracle cat” as he was found prior to surgery. (Credit: Tampa Bay Humane Society)

The cat was “weak, dehydrated and in need of medical attention” when he was finally discovered, the release said.

The owner took him to area veterinary clinics, but was unable to afford their fees. He eventually brought him to the Humane Society’s Animal Health Center for surgery.

Bart was being treated for a number of injuries, including a broken jaw and facial wounds. His eye was declared “ruined” and has since been surgically removed in a procedure that was declared a success, the release said.

Veterinarians believed Bart would fully recovery from his injuries. He was expected to be well enough to go home by next week.

After Bart’s story went viral online, the feline was being referred to on social media as “zombie cat.”

KTLA’s Feven Kiflegiorgis contributed to this story.

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