Pregnant Mom on Meth Accused of Leaving 3 Kids Alone Without Food in Feces-Filled Home

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A pregnant Washington state woman and her boyfriend were recently arrested after allegedly leaving three young children alone in a home that was covered in urine and animal feces, according to KTLA sister station KCPQ.

Police discovered the children Saturday in the filthy, garbage-filled Lake Stevens home, which they said was padlocked from the inside, the Seattle-area television station reported.

The three kids, ages 11 months and 7 and 2 years old, had been left without food, heat and adult supervision.

When police located the two oldest, they were huddled together beneath a blanket. The baby boy was in a crib inside a locked room and showed signs of hypothermia and dehydration when detectives found him, according to the station.

The baby was "developmentally the age of a 3-month-old instead of a 1-year-old,” a prosecutor told KCPQ.

It was not immediately known how long the children had been locked alone inside the residence, but police said it was possibly for days, according to the station. Authorities also did not know where the parents had been.

Amanda Foley, the three children's mom, was later arrested, along with Mark Dorson, who is the father of the baby.

After being taken into custody, Foley allegedly admitted to prosecutors that her children would have been safer living out on the streets than in her house, the television station reported.

The pregnant woman also allegedly told authorities she had been using drugs.

“Ms. Foley has indicated to officers that she is pregnant, that she is currently using meth,” the prosecutor said, according to the station.

Foley and Dorson, who each have criminal histories, were being held on $100,000 bail. They appeared in court Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Foley's three children have been taken into custody by Child Protective Services and were expected to be placed in foster care.

According to the station, the 7-year-old girl's school had alerted CPS after she showed up to school smelling like urine.

Court documents obtained by KCPQ showed the family had a history with the agency. When pressed for comment by the station, CPS declined, citing confidentiality laws.

KCPQ contributed to this story.