North Carolina Teen Helped by Target Employees While Tie Shopping Lands First Job

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A teen went to Target looking for a tie to wear for his interview and was surprised by the generous advice he received from a Target employee. (Credit: Audrey Mark/CNN)

A North Carolina teenager who made national headlines after he went to Target to buy a tie and ended up getting valuable job-seeking advice instead has been hired by Chick-fil-A.

Yasir Moore had simply been looking for a clip-on tie for an upcoming job interview when he visited the Raleigh store earlier this month.

But after letting the boy know they didn’t carry clip-on ties, store employees went above and beyond to help the 15-year-old, showing him how to tie a real one while also imparting other valuable job interviewing skills.

A photo of the touching moment was captured by shopper Audrey Mark, who told CNN affiliate WTVD that her curiosity was piqued as soon as she noticed something unusual going on in the aisle.

“It was a very quiet, simple moment, but it was very profound,” she said to the television station. “He leaves and all these Target employees are screaming ‘Bye! Good luck! Tell us how it went.’ I got so emotional. I got teary.”

Audrey’s photo — along with Moore’s story — subsequently went viral.

By the time the story garnered national media attention, Moore had already had his first interview with the fast food restaurant.

And showing that their kindness didn’t stop at that one moment, two of the Target employees — Cathy Scott and Dennis Roberts — even shared their experience with the young man and put in a good word for him with the restaurant’s manager.

Their selfless help paid off, as Moore learned Thursday night after a third and final interview that he got the job, according to the North Carolina station. It was his first one ever.

The same team was at his side when he learned of the good news.

They say they are “proud” of the teen.

“It’s refreshing to my heart, refreshing in my soul and I’m deeply grateful I was a part of it and I’ll remember it forever,” Roberts told the CNN affiliate.

And in an interview with the station, Moore expressed gratitude and appreciation for their assistance.

“They didn’t just change my life, they helped me,” he told WTVD. “They’re going to help me change other people’s lives.”

Moore added, “Nobody is going to give you an opportunity. You just got to really be ready.”

After landing the job, the manager of the Triangle Town Center Mall location gave the boy a special Chick-fil-A tie — a nod to the viral moment that helped him get hired in the first place.

CNN contributed to this story.

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