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Grandfather Viciously Beaten While Waiting in Line to Use ATM in Temple City

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Sheriff's investigators were searching Monday for a man who viciously attacked a grandfather in an apparent random attack at a Bank of America ATM in Temple City.

It happened around 7 p.m. on Feb. 14 at a busy intersection where several people were standing in line to use the machine.

Raul Fonseca of San Gabriel said he was waiting his turn when a man in his 30s approached the group and appeared to be agitated.

According to the 79-year-old Fonseca, he made eye contact with the man and that apparently set him off.

Fonseca said the attacker then got right in his face and kept screaming, "Hey, do you know me."

"He looked savage, like a lion," Fonseca said of his attacker. "He was crazy."

Within seconds, the younger man started beating, punching and pushing the elderly man.

Fonseca was knocked unconscious and said he awoke to find paramedics working on him.

He suffered serious bruises on his head, face, back and right arm and hand.

Doctors held him at the hospital for a couple of days for x-rays but found no broken bones, according to his family.

"My grandfather is 79 years old, pushing 80," said grandson Raul Fonseca. "There is no reason why anyone should go through this."

Fonseca described his attacker as a white man with a thin build, standing about 6 feet tall with light brown hair and no distinctive markings.

The attacker seemed to be fairly clean-cut and was wearing a white button down shirt, Fonseca said.

Fonseca was not robbed but told KTLA he will no longer use an ATM after hours. He said he will get money and do his other banking inside the building during regular business hours.

His family said Fonseca was also now concerned about even leaving his house alone.

Anyone with information was urged to call the LA County Sheriff's Department.