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Isla Vista Killer Elliot Rodger Meticulously Planned Rampage; Researched Nazis: Report

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Elliot Rodger had planned his deadly attack on the Isla Vista community for more than a year, spending thousands of dollars in order to arm and train himself to kill as many people as possible, according to a report on the incident released Thursday by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

Twice the 22-year-old canceled unleashing his planned rampage. But when he did, he was prepared.

In a timeline provided in the report, deputies point to 14 separate incidents of Elliot preparing for the May 23 attack starting in December 2012. He spent nearly $2,500 between December 2012 and March 2013 purchasing guns and ammo from stores in Burbank, Goleta and Los Angeles.

Starting in January 2014 – just a few months before the attack, Rodger began visiting gun ranges in Oxnard and nearby areas. He made two separate ammunition purchases in March and visited two gun ranges in April, a month before the shooting.

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