SUV Stolen in San Marino Burglary Found Abandoned in Sherman Oaks With Motor Running

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Authorities found an abandoned SUV in Sherman Oaks several hours after the vehicle was stolen from a San Marino home where a live-in nanny was threatened by a burglar on Thursday.

Police shot a dog amid the search for the young man who had held up the nanny, threatened her and ransacked the home where she lived in an affluent residential area of the San Gabriel Valley city.

The incident began about 7:45 a.m., when a young man approached the woman in the garage of a home in the 900 block of Winston Avenue (map), according to San Marino Police Department Chief John Incontro.

When the young man demanded the woman turn over everything she had on her, the nanny ran into the home and he followed her inside, Incontro said. The burglar ransacked the home and made additional demands for property.

The woman ran upstairs, locked herself into a second-floor room and called 911. The young man yelled at her to get off the phone.

San Marino police respond to a burglary on Feb. 19, 2015. (Credit: KTLA)

San Marino police respond to a burglary on Feb. 19, 2015. (Credit: KTLA)

Soon, after a few minutes of silence, the woman realized the teen had left, taking her white Mercedes-Benz SUV from the garage. The vehicle’s license plate was given by police as 7CWA404.

The burglar, described by police as a black male juvenile, fled. Authorities later said he may be in his mid-to-late 20s.

The SUV was later found abandoned in Sherman Oaks, Incontro said.

The vehicle was discovered stopped on the Ventura Boulevard off-ramp of the northbound 405 Freeway at about 12:15 p.m., according to California Highway Patrol Officer Patrick Kimball. CHP first got reports of a reckless driver on the freeway, and then found the SUV still running with the keys in the ignition, Kimball said.

The vehicle's license plates came back as being reported stolen in San Marino, Kimball said.

Immediately after the burglary, officers arrived at the San Marino home and set up a perimeter to find the juvenile.

During the search, police shot a “large dog” that ran toward officers in a neighboring yard, according to a news release from San Marino police.

A dog who was shot by San Marino police on Feb. 19, 2015, is shown.

A dog who was shot by San Marino police on Feb. 19, 2015, is shown.

Officers fired a warning shot, but the dog kept charging, Incontro said. The dog was taken to the Pasadena Humane Society and was in good condition.

The dog's owner,  Sammy Abdel-Al,  said he did not blame police in the shooting, which he heard take place.

"The life of the ... nanny next door is very important," Abdel-Al said. "The police ... did what they had to do in that condition."

The search for the juvenile — who was wanted for burglary, armed robbery and theft — was ongoing.  He was wearing a blue and black shirt, dark pants and a fanny pack on one said, police said.

The owners of the home were out of the country, police said. The property is about one block from San Marino High School and several blocks east of the famed Huntington Library and gardens.

A team was being designated to investigate the shooting of the dog.

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