Watch: Famished Feline Plows Through Snowbank to Get to Food Bowl

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A cat named "Plume" proved a wall of snow was no match for a hungry feline.

Video posted on YouTube by owner, Ann Got, showed the 14-year-old Plume bursting through a snowbank to get to his dinner bowl.

The 25-year-old Got set up the camera after noticing that Plume had tried to make a hole in previous snowdrifts, according to a post on YouTube.

Plume was first seen in the video sitting outside in the snow.

Then his owner gets Plume's attention by shaking his food bowl, the video showed.

Instead of jumping up on the snowdrift as one might expect, the video catches Plume smashing through the snow and into the house.

"This happened after a huge snowstorm in Gaspe, in Quebec, Canada, on February 16," according to Got.

Got said she was pleased by the funny reaction from viewers.

Credit: Agence Media Failsworld

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