11-Year-Old Stockton Girl Pushes Brother From Path of Hit-and-Run Driver

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An 11-year-old Stockton girl was recently hailed a hero after pushing her younger brother from the path of a speeding vehicle that then struck her before taking off.

Rosie Carino was walking with her little brother Thursday in front of Lottie Grunsky Elementary School when she noticed a car speeding toward them, Sacramento TV station KOVR reported.

"The car was coming,” Carino told the station. “My friend scooted back and I pulled my brother out of the way, but by the time I pulled him out of the way, the car had already hit me and I like, spun."

Carino was hospitalized with a fractured pelvis and bruising, the TV station reported through CNN's wire service, but the school’s supervisor said the little girl showed more concern for her brother than her own injuries.

"I ran out here and I found that little girl. She was lying on the ground,” supervisor Leslie Castro said. “She was conscious. She was in more of concern for her brother that she had to push out of the way."

Carino’s brother, kindergartner Sergio Sanchez, sustained forehead bruising when his sister pushed him, but says he’s grateful that’s all that happened.

"Rosie saved my life,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez, along with teachers at the school, have since said Carino is a hero, KOVR reported.

"A lot of people are saying that,” Carino said. “But that was my first instinct - to push my brother out of the way."

Police are continuing to search for the hit-and-run driver and plan to exam cameras in the area for possible evidence.

CNN contributed to this story.