Lion Uses Teeth to Open Car Door of Family Visiting Safari Park in South Africa

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A family visiting a safari park in South Africa learned a lesson about locking their door when they almost found themselves sharing their car with a lioness.

Video recorded by the family, showed the big cat wandering over to the car and then suddenly using her teeth to pop open the door handle and stick her head inside the vehicle.

The sudden intrusion appeared to catch the family completely off guard.

But they reacted quickly and slammed the door shut.

One of the passengers exclaimed, “You’re supposed to lock the door.”

Once the danger had passed, a relieved voice could be heard saying, “Oh my gosh. I didn’t know they could do that.”

“My sisters were visiting our parents, while serving a mission in South Africa, and had an experience of a lifetime,” said Joshua Sutherland who posted the video on YouTube in 2014.

The video only went viral after being posted on Reddit earlier this week, according to UPI.

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