20 Crazy Ways People Destroyed Their Phones

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The man who dropped his iPhone into a fast food fryer, plus other crazy warranty claims!


20 Crazy Warranty Claim Stories as told to SquareTrade

I was at a restaurant and a waiter bumped into me,
causing the phone to fall inside a pot of grease.

My phone fell into a city drainage opening, then was retrieved by city workers.

I work at McDonald’s and I dropped my iPhone into a fryer at work.

While working in a micro biolab ~200 mL of sulfuric acid spilled on my phone.

Phone accidentally immersed while in my pocket
when I went waist-deep in water during a baptismal service.

I was operating a forklift when my phone fell out of my pocket
and accidentally ran it over.

I was working on a wind turbine and my iPhone fell 200 ft.
When I climbed down I found the phone in a puddle of mud broken.

I got a call and my iPhone vibrated it’s way off the table.

iPhone silently slipped from my cardigan pocket and plummeted to its demise off a pier into the Pacific Ocean.
I received the phone by wading into the frigid dark sea only to discover its untimely passing to the great beyond.

I fell through the ice while ice fishing
and the phone and I went completely underwater.

While on a riding mower, phone fell out of my pocket and is now in many pieces.

Hit by rogue wave & fell off a yacht into the harbor, phone was in pocket & submerged along with me for several minutes until I was rescued.

During a major storm, a tree came crashing through my roof and damaged my phone.

I was in a haunted house on Halloween.
A monster jumped out… I screamed… I dropped my iPhone.

I was talking on the phone while riding in a car when a bump in the road caused me to drop the phone out of the window onto the street.

A dog peed on my phone while my son and a friend were camping at the family farm.

I was carrying a casket at funeral and the corner of the casket hit my phone in my pocket, cracking the screen.

Was playing baseball and my phone was hit by a 90mph pitch while in my pocket.

I was making dinner when a glass-bottomed pepper grinder fell out of the cabinet above the counter where the phone was sitting.
It hit the corner of the phone’s screen as it fell, causing the screen to crack.

Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson react to an earthquake during a live broadcast. (Credit: KTLA)

Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson react to an earthquake during a live broadcast. (Credit: KTLA)

An earthquake caused a glass of orange juice to spill onto my phone.

SquareTrade is a bit different than other warranties because they don’t cover lost or stolen devices. This helps the company keep prices down due to less fraudulent claims

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