OC Man Charged With Kidnapping, Domestic Battery After Carving His Name on Woman’s Chest

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A 39-year-old man was arraigned Monday for kidnapping and threatening a woman he was dating after carving his name on her chest.

Sergio Joaquin Mendoza was charged with one felony count of kidnapping, one felony count of criminal threats, two felony counts of domestic battery with corporal injury, according to a news release from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

The Santa Ana man was also charged with a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon, the release stated.

Between March 17 and March 22, Mendoza was accused of getting into multiple verbal and physical altercations with the victim.  He was also accused of forcing the victim to sit in his car while he was at work by threatening her with violence, according to the release.

On one occasion, Mendoza allegedly tried to prevent the victim from leaving a relative’s house where he was staying. He told the victim he would let her leave if she allowed him to carve his name on her chest, according to the DA’s Office.

Mendoza then used a razor blade to carve his first name on the victim’s chest, prosecutors said. Later that evening, Mendoza allegedly forced the victim into his vehicle and drove her around Santa Ana while threatening to hurt her if she attempted to leave the vehicle, the release stated.

During this time, prosecutors said Mendoza punched her in the face, attempted to strangle her by putting his hands around her neck and head-butted her in the face.

At some point, she managed to escape and ran to a local business where an employee called 911.

He was being held on $100,000 bail and was scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on April 8.

If convicted as charged, Mendoza faced a maximum sentence of 11 years and eight months in state prison.