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Allegedly Intoxicated Texas Mom Accused of Leaving 7-Year-Old Daughter in Dumpster Overnight

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A Texas mother was arrested after allegedly leaving her 7-year-old daughter in a dumpster near a spa overnight, Dallas police said Monday.

Officers received a phone call at about 9:30 a.m. Sunday from Alicia Carroll claiming she had left her little girl with a friend the previous night but could not find her, according to a statement from the Dallas Police Department.

Investigators discovered that the 28-year-old mother left King Spa on Saturday night after being kicked out for bringing alcohol into the business, which is against their policy, the statement said.

The spa’s manager told CNN affiliate KTVT that the woman was intoxicated.

After leaving the spa, the two climbed into a dumpster in the area because Carroll thought the police had been called and were running after them, according to Dallas police.

At some point, Carroll allegedly left the scene, leaving her daughter alone in the dumpster the rest of the night.

The girl managed to climb out on her own after spending roughly 10 hours by herself in the dumpster, the television station reported. When she was found Sunday morning walking back to the spa, the 7-year-old was hungry, thirsty and dirty, and had some scrapes on her arms and legs, but was otherwise OK.

“Physically, she was fine. I think she was scared. People report she was very frightened. She didn’t know where she was, she had been told by her mother to hide in this dumpster,” Dallas police Major Robert Sherwin told KTVT.

She was taken to a local medical center for treatment.

According to police, Carroll could not remember anything the next morning after the incident.

She was arrested and charged with child abandonment, Dallas police said. Her bond was set at $25,000.

The woman’s daughter has been placed in foster care with Child Protective Services, according to the statement.

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