Gov. Brown’s Water Reduction Order Will Hit Some Cities Harder Than Others

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A file photo shows sprinkler spilling water on sidewalks. (Credit: KTLA)

Gov. Jerry Brown’s historic mandate for cities to cut water use by 25% is going to hit some communities much hard than others.

Los Angeles had a headstart compared with many other cities because Mayor Eric Garcetti last year called for a 20% cut in water use by 2017.

City officials said L.A. is on target to hit that goal. Regardless, water officials say they are planning to change rate structures to encourage conservation and boost enforcement of water laws. If that doesn’t work, they could impose tougher new rules such as prohibiting residents from washing their cars at home.

But other cities have further to go, including some — like landscape-lush Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and the Palm Springs area — that have much higher per-capita water use.

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