‘Save the Drop’ Is Slogan of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s New Water Conservation Push

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Thursday announced what he called an “unprecedented outreach campaign” in the city’s continuing effort to get residents to use less water amid California’s drought.

The campaign -- titled "Save the Drop" -- will coordinate existing outreach programs from across the city “through the full breadth of city resources,” according to a news release from Garcetti's office. Ads will appear on sanitation trucks, in DWP bill inserts, in parks, on movie screens and on television and radio, the release said.

The mayor’s office also launched a website filled with messages that include cartoon sketches of a water droplet, a Twitter handle -- @SavetheDropLA -- and a hashtag -- #SaveTheDropLA.

The push to conserve comes after Garcetti last year ordered a 20% cut in freshwater use by 2017. State regulators want L.A. to make a 20% cut off an earlier baseline within the next year.

The new campaign emphasized the “strong tools” L.A. already has in place to reduce water use, such as a $3.75 per square foot rebate for lawn replacement that Garcetti announced last year. The news release announcing the campaign called it the “necessary next step to connect Angelenos with those tools.”

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