Mother of Young Girl Abandoned in San Bernardino Contacts Police

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Authorities released this photo of a young girl whose mother did not immediately return after leaving the child with a friend. (Credit: San Bernardino Police Department)

The mother of a young girl who was left in the care of a friend and did not return showed up at a San Bernardino police station Friday, authorities said.

The girl’s mother dropped her off around noon Thursday and said she was “running  to the courthouse,” according to a news release.

“The mother has left her child briefly with this person in the past and has always returned,” the release said.

Officers from the San Bernardino Police Department responded about 7:06 p.m. after receiving a call about the matter.

Unable to locate her mother or her residence, police asked the public for help in identifying the girl known only as Veronica.

On Friday, Veronica’s mother showed up at a San Bernardino police department, Lt. Rich Lawhead of the Police Department said.

It was unclear if the mother would face any charges, Lawhead said.