Distraught Driver Shot to Death After Running Over 2-Year-Old Boy in Wisconsin

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Archie Brown Jr. was driving to Home Depot on Sunday with a friend when he fatally struck a 2-year-old boy with his van, his family said. Moments later, he lay dying, shot in the head as he tried to help the child, according to police and family members.

A 15-year-old boy, Rasheed T. Chiles, was also shot and later died at a hospital, Milwaukee police say. Coroner's officials identified Rasheed as the 2-year-old's brother.

“He was a good man,” Brown's sister, Qianna Brown, 34, told the Los Angeles Times on Monday. Brown, 40, had four daughters; his youngest is 6 months old, she said. He would often round up his kids and hers and take them out -- to state fairs, on shopping trips or to the park. “He was a tender-hearted person, so I know he was there and probably wanted to pick the baby up. I know he must have been crying.”

According to police, Rasheed and 2-year-old Damani T. Terry were attending a party at a house nearby. The toddler ran into the street and was struck by Brown's van about 5:10 p.m. Sunday, police said.

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