Family Search for Missing Santa Monica Couple Following Deadly Nepal Earthquake

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A Santa Monica couple visiting Nepal hasn't been heard from since the massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck Saturday.

Friends of A. Michelle Page, 58, and Daniel Adams, 65, said they have not connected with the pair since they left for Nepal on Tuesday. The couple were planning to stay in the capital of Katmandu, at a hotel close to the Boudhanath stupa monument, said longtime friend Susan Klos. The jolt from the earthquake toppled Boudhanath, the world's largest Buddhist stupa.

"I've seen pictures of the area and everything is damaged," Klos said. "I'm hoping they are too busy attending to others that they haven't had the time to check in with friends."

On Sunday, authorities confirmed that 2,152 people have died and another 4,743 people have been injured in the earthquake that flattened homes, damaged sacred temples and destroyed the country's infrastructure.

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