At Disneyland, Mickey Mouse Has Plenty of Feline Company

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Francisco, the most famous of the Disneyland cats, receives special social media attention on Fridays. Photos are posted with the hashtag #FranciscoFriday. (Credit: Yvonne Arasmith)

Buford peeks through the greenery in Disneyland’s Critter Country. Jane walks atop a perch near Main Street Station. And Giovanni majestically poses on the cliffs of Grizzly Peak, safely out of reach of park guests.

In a theme park inspired by the world’s most famous mouse, it’s the cats of Disneyland who have the run of the place.

“If I were a cat, there would be no better place to live than Disneyland,” said Taylor Roberts, a freelance writer who still remembers his first sighting two years ago: a cat darting across a path in Fantasyland.

The 27-year-old started the Cats of Disneyland Twitter account that night, each tweet an imagination of the cats’ thoughts. (One of the latest offerings: “If you insist on wearing flip-flops to Disneyland, you’re really just asking to have your toes attacked by cats.”)

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