California Has a Deputy First Dog: Colusa ‘Lucy’ Brown

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There’s a new deputy in town in Sacramento. It’s a dog. A puppy, actually.

Colusa "Lucy" and Sutter Brown, California's deputy first and first dogs, respectively, are shown in a photo posted to Lucy's Twitter account on May 15, 2015.

Colusa “Lucy” and Sutter Brown, California’s deputy first and first dogs, respectively, are shown in a photo posted to Lucy’s Twitter account on May 15, 2015.

Gov. Jerry Brown and his wife Anne Gust Brown have adopted a second dog, the governor’s office announced Friday.

The puppy — a 2-month-old mix of Pembroke Welsh corgi and border collie — is named Colusa “Lucy” Brown.

Her big brother, 11-year-old Sutter, will retain the title of “first dog,” while Lucy has been dubbed deputy first dog.

Like Sutter, Lucy has her own Twitter account. Her first tweet, sent Friday afternoon, read, “When I grow up, I want to be First Dog!”

Sutter, a Sacramento fixture, in turn tweeted: “I’m still First Dog, right? ‪#GetOffMyPeePad.”

Lucy joined the family this month. Born in Red Bluff, she is a native Californian, while Sutter was born in Idaho.

The Browns have a ranch in Colusa County, apparently prompting the new pup’s name.

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