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Members of the Lake Mission Viejo Assn. have approved the use of highly purified recycled water to refill the private lake that has become a hot spot of controversy amid the state's relentless drought.

The unanimous vote Tuesday night came as mandatory water-use cuts take effect for urban water districts statewide. Drinkable water has been used to refill the recreational lake since its creation in the 1970s, but the practice has come under fire as California struggles through a fourth year of drought.

“This unanimous vote is a powerful statement by our members that they want Lake Mission Viejo to be a sustainability trendsetter,” said Kevin Pennington, president of the lake association’s board.

Talks about alternative water sources for the lake intensified this year as state officials, including Gov. Jerry Brown, urged conservation. On April 1, Brown ordered a 25% cut statewide in urban water use.

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