Ezell Ford’s Mother Responds to Police Commission Ruling in Her Son’s Fatal Shooting

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Just hours after the Los Angeles Police Commission issued the results of its investigation Tuesday in the fatal police shooting of Ezell Ford, the mother of the 25-year-old thanked the civilian oversight board for their work.

“Today’s decision shows that the justice system is run by decent and honest people,” Tritobia Ford said during a brief statement from the First AME church.

The commission found an “administrative disapproval” for the actions of one unnamed officer — identified only as “Police Officer III” — in regard to his tactics, the drawing of his weapon, the use of nonlethal force, and the firing of his weapon, Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said.

The other officer’s tactics and use of both nonlethal and lethal force were found to be in policy, but one instance of “Police Officer II” drawing his weapon was marked for “administrative disapproval,” said Soboroff.

Tritobia Ford urged her supporters to remain peaceful so that the commission’s message was not “lost in a sea of anger.”

Ezell Ford, described as mentally challenged by his family, was killed when two officers fired on him near at 65th Street and Broadway in August 2014.

Police said Ford reached for an officer’s holstered weapon during a struggle, but family members said he was complying with officers’ demands.

Ford, who was unarmed, was shot three times, including once in the back, according to a coroner’s autopsy report released in December.

Tritobia Ford called on the district attorney to file charges against the officers who killed her son.

“District Attorney Jackie Lacey, we haven’t heard from you — where are you?” Tritobia Ford asked. “We need to hear from you. The investigation is over.”

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