Army Veteran Reunited With Dog Who Disappeared 5 Years Ago While She Was Deployed

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After being separated by hundreds of miles and five years, an Army veteran was reunited with her pet poodle on Wednesday.

When Jessica Gutierrez was deployed to Afghanistan n 2010, she left “Cookies Chanel” with her sister in New Mexico, according to Missouri TV station KMBC.

While Gutierrez was gone, Cookies disappeared.

Gutierrez never thought she would see her pet again, she told the station.

But somehow, five years later and over a thousand miles away Cookies was discovered  in San Diego, the station reported.

Gutierrez got her puppy micro-chipped on the day she adopted her, which enabled animal services workers in San Diego to reunite Cookies with her rightful owner, who was now living in Missouri, according to KMBC.

“I actually didn’t expect her to remember me so that was in the back of my mind that, ‘oh my goodness she may not actually remember me,’ but she did,” Jessica Gutierrez told the station.

It is still not clear how Cookies made it from New Mexico to San Diego.

CNN contributed to this story.