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KTLA America’s Veterans: A Special Tribute

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There are over 21-million veterans in the United States, and California is home to more men and women who served our country than any other state.  KTLA’s “America’s Veterans: A Special Tribute” is dedicated to honoring the brave individuals who fight and fought for freedom.  In this half-hour special we salute those who have been called to combat, while spotlighting amazing stories from local warriors of war. Also, we take a closer look at new therapies giving veterans victory over post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cher Calvin and Micah Ohlman host from Bob Hope Patriotic Hall on July 4, 2015.

ACT 1 

Los Angeles Mission
Makeovers That Matter

ACT 2 

Brain Treatment Center
Wild Horse Warriors - Equine Therapy

ACT 3 

Inspiring Amputee Turned Model
Bob Hope Patriotic Hall