Caught on Video: Audi Drives Backwards for Miles on Laurel Canyon

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Investigators with the LAPD's West Traffic Bureau were looking into a video posted to YouTube that shows a car driving backwards for miles on Laurel Canyon Boulevard through the Hollywood Hills, police said Saturday.

The video, which was recorded with a cellphone, was uploaded to YouTube on Friday by user Kevin Zanazanian, though it was unclear when exactly the incident occurred.

According to the description, the car drove in reverse on the narrow and windy Laurel Canyon from Mulholland Drive to Sunset Boulevard, a mileslong section that is mostly comprised of one lane on each side.

Pedestrians and other motorists in the area were possibly in danger as a result of the stunt, Zanazanian told KTLA.

"So, for safety purposes, I wanted to make sure that that was being recorded," he said.

Most of the 4-minute footage uploaded to the video-sharing website showed a dark-colored Audi sedan driving in reverse down the busy road during daylight hours.

A man was behind the wheel of the vehicle and a woman was in the passenger seat,  said Zanazanian, who at the time wondered if the driver was suicidal.

At one point, the car in the video can be seen changing lanes and passing a pickup truck at the bottom of the hill, where lanes increase on both sides.

An investigation into the incident would likely begin on Monday, according to Lt. Andre Belotto, a watch commander with the Los Angeles Police Department's West Traffic Bureau.

If investigators could identify the driver, various traffic violations could be presented to the L.A. City Attorney, Belotto said. He added the City Attorney's Office would ultimately decide whether any charges would be filed.

Because no one was injured and no property damages reported, any violations would be considered misdemeanors, according to Belotto.

The charge, he said, could be as minor as "unsafe backing."

KTLA's Steve Bien and John A. Moreno contributed to this story.

(Video contains graphic language and viewer discretion is advised.)