Harvard-Educated Ex-Attorney Charged in Vallejo Kidnapping Police Initially Called a Hoax

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After 29-year-old Denise Huskins turned up in Huntington Beach, Vallejo police strongly suggested that her story of being kidnapped for ransom had been part of a hoax.

They angrily called their investigation a “wild goose chase” and a waste of valuable police resources and said Huskins and her boyfriend could face charges once their investigation was complete.

Then Vallejo police went quiet, declining to go into details about a case that drew national attention.

On Monday, after almost four months of mystery,  the FBI announced a man was arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a woman that appears to be Huskins. Law enforcement took former Harvard-educated attorney Matthew Muller, 38, of Orangevale into custody on June 8 after they say he was identified as a suspect in another home invasion robbery in Dublin, federal officials said.

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