Dashcam Video Captures Texas Officer Saving Woman’s Life During Traffic Stop

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An Austin, Texas, police officer was credited with recently saving the life of his colleague's daughter during a traffic stop, according to a report.

Officer Dustin Clinkscales of the Austin Police Department originally pulled over the woman on July 5 because he thought she was driving while talking on her cellphone, local television station KXAN reported.

But once he walked up to the car, he realized that she was choking and using the phone to try and call for help.

Clinkscales immediately sprang into action, performing the Heimlich maneuver until the item in her throat dislodged.

He then saved her from a possible injury after she passed out and collapsed, nearly hitting her head against the pavement in process.

The entire incident was captured on a dash camera, which was recording from his vehicle at the time.

What Clinkscales didn't realize until later, however, was that he had actually saved the life of the daughter of an Austin police detective.

"I've never been on that side where a relative's been involved. I've always been on the other side where I'm responding or any other officer here is responding to a total stranger they're giving, uh, first aid," he told the TV station.

The detective said his daughter was grateful for the officer's quick-thinking actions, KXAN reported.

The County EMS captain also wrote a commendation letter for his actions.