Video: Cape Cod Beachgoers Help Rescue Great White Shark Stranded on Shore

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Video captured a group of bystanders helping to save a great white shark that got stranded on the shore of a Cape Cod beach.

The shark, described as an approximately 7-foot juvenile male, was apparently trying to catch a seagull near a barrier breach on a beach in Chatham when it ended up beaching itself, Boston TV station WCVB reported on Monday.

YouTube user Mike Bartel videotaped the incident and uploaded the footage on Monday. It showed a group of beachgoers and officials using buckets to pour water over the motionless shark, which was lying upside-down and struggling to breathe.

Then, a man tied a rope around its fin and tied the other end to a small harbor patrol boat, the video showed. It took an hour, but the shark was slowly towed back to the sea, according to the station.

"We knew that it was in bad shape and we were trying to irrigate the gills to let the shark breathe and revive it and we had a period of time where it looked like it was not going to survive," Cynthia Wigren of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy told WCVB. She said bystanders cheered as the shark swam away.

Before the shark was returned to sea, Marine Fisheries officials tagged it, according to the TV station.

There have been several shark sightings spotted off the coast in the area recently, including one last week that was 15 feet long.

CNN contributed to this story.