Molly Knight and Her New Book ‘The Best Team Money Can Buy’

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Molly Knight’s THE BEST TEAM MONEY CAN BUY: The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Wild Struggle to Build a Baseball Powerhouse offers a revelatory look inside the business of major league baseball and the inner workings of a professional baseball team.

Knight gained unprecedented access to Dodgers organization—the players and their families, the coaching staff, the ownership and the front office—over a period of years. In THE BEST TEAM MONEY CAN BUY she focuses on the complete overhaul of the team that began in 2012, when Guggenheim Partners, led by NBA legend Magic Johnson, rescued the Dodgers from bankruptcy by purchasing it for a record $2.15 billion. Within two years, the new owners had turned things around: the Dodgers had the highest payroll in U.S. professional sports and a roster loaded with eccentric and expensive superstars.