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Safety Girl On-The-Go Products for Moms-To-Be with Jenna Barnett of Visonary5
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Products Featured:

Nuna Travel System: Pippa Car Seat & Mixx Stroller

When it comes to baby safety, the car seat and stroller are at the top of a parent’s priority list. Thankfully, Nuna takes the worry out of choosing the right car seat and stroller system. Nuna offers the ultimate stroller system with their Pippa car seat and Mixx stroller, so you can take baby from home, to the car, and in the stroller in seconds. The Pippa is one of the safest and easiest to use car seats on the market and can be moved from the car to the stroller with ease. When you have a newborn, the last thing you want to do is pick up a sleeping baby from a car seat and put her in a stroller. Pippa easily clicks into the Mixx stroller making travel a breeze. Once baby is a bit older, the Mixx stroller seat offers a 3- or 5-point safety harness, rearward and forward facing seat options, and a comfortable foot rest, which is important for keeping baby’s developing back and hips safe from injury.



Xplory by Stokke

This is the Rolls Royce of strollers if you want to make a statement while keeping baby safe. Stokke is a top of the line baby brand that perfectly blends style with safety. The Xplory stroller is an iconic all-in-one stroller providing parents with the ultimate in maneuverability for on-the-go ease. The Xplory sits up higher than any other stroller on the market bringing baby closer to the parent, so baby feels safe and secure. Thanks to the increased height, you can actually push the stroller right up to a restaurant table so you’ll never need an unstable restaurant highchair again. Plus, the Xplory is the only stroller I’ve found that offers a canopy with UPF 50+ protection to keep baby safe from the sun’s harmful rays. An ideal stroller whether zipping around the city, spending a day at the beach, or traveling to a new city. The ergonomic height and angle adjustment promises a safe ride for both parent and baby. Added bonus: The Nuna Pippa carseat can also be used with the Xplory!



Milkscreen by UpSpring Baby

Every new mom deserves a cocktail, but many fear alcohol because they are afraid it’s in their breast milk. Thankfully, there’s Milkscreen. Milkscreen from UpSpring is an easy-to-use at home test that detects alcohol in breast milk. Because everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, the amount of time it takes for alcohol to leave the breast milk also varies. When moms drink, alcohol gets in their bloodstream, not their breasts, so expressing the milk will not get the alcohol out of their system any more quickly. Moms may be throwing away breast milk unnecessarily or feeding baby breast milk that still has alcohol in it. In a couple easy drops, a mom can find out if their breast milk is safe for baby by using MilkScreen.



Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Backpacks

New moms have put their backs through enough trauma while pregnant, so don’t add insult to injury by lugging a heavy shoulder diaper bag once baby arrives! Ju-Ju-Be’s back pack styles, the B.F.F. and the Be Right Back, feature ergonomically curved and padded shoulder straps with breathable mesh to ensure mom’s back and shoulders are kept safe from injury. Ju-Ju-Be’s bags are machine washable and are lined with an Agion® treatment which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. They even feature bottle pockets with Thinsulate by 3M to keep things warm or cool.



Prince Lionheart Baby viewMIRROR

Safety is a prime concern when it comes to our children, which means they have to face backwards while riding in a rear-facing carseat. The baby viewMIRROR is a non-distorted mirror that fits perfectly on the headrest so the driving adult can simply glance in the rearview mirror in order to check on baby, rather than have to turn around and be distracted.



ErgoBaby 360 Carrier

This baby carrier is a favorite among LA moms for comfort and safety. The ErgoBaby 360 places babies in an ergonomically correct position for all stages and ages, making it extremely comfortable for parents and baby. There’s no risk of injury to the parent’s back and shoulders, and no risk of injury to baby’s developing hips and spine like with other baby carriers. The Ergobaby 360 Carrier gives parents the option of wearing baby in front and forward facing, in front and inward facing, on the back, and even on the hip for the ultimate in flexibility.



Mommy Bliss Gripe Water

When baby gets cranky or fussy on-the-go, Mommy Bliss’ Gripe Water is a mom’s savior! This 100% natural gripe water is touted as the best infant cry solution by moms and pediatricians. Gripe Water is used to ease stomach discomfort, colic, hiccups and even offers teething and general fussiness relief. Simply place a few drops in baby’s mouth for instant comfort.

$19.96 for 2-pack

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