Glendora Family Hides in Bedroom While Hungry Bear Rummages Through Kitchen

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A frightened Glendora family hid in a back bedroom Wednesday after a large bear entered their home through a sliding glass door in the kitchen and began eating whatever it could find.

It all started around 10 p.m. Wednesday night after the Ashcraft family had gone to bed.

Surveillance video showed a large bear wandering around outside their home in 1900 block of Foothill Boulevard.

Justin Ashcraft said he heard the dog barking and got up to look around.

"I came up to the counter here and saw just a huge hairy back," Ashcraft said. "I just froze and then realized he didn't see me and kind of slowing backed up and then just ran down the hallway."

The family barricaded themselves in a back bedroom while they called 911.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the 500-pound bear was busy eating a loaf of bread and some tortillas.

Officers with the Glendora Police Department arrived and used a pellet gun to scare the bear away.

Ashcraft believed the bear may have been able to nudge the sliding glass door open with its nose.

More video:


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