The Orbital Perspective With NASA Astronaut Ron Garan, USAF Col.(Retired)

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Retired Astronaut Ron Garan has had the opportunity to see our planet in a way few have. He's flown to space on both the US Space Shuttle, Russian Soyuz, spent 6 months in space, did 4 spacewalks and spent 3 weeks on the bottom of the ocean in the world's only undersea laboratory. These experiences have provided him with a unique perspective of the planet we share.  Ron calls that perspective the Orbital Perspective. When we zoom out to the Orbital Perspective things become clear, we can begin to see all the pieces of the puzzle, who has them and what picture it paints for our global society. The Orbital Perspective, describes a perspective of our planet that if embraced can have profound positive impact on the trajectory of our global society.  The International Space Station is arguably one of the most complex structures ever build built. It was built in space by 15 nations, some of which have not always been the best of friends. Some of which were on opposite sides of the Cold War and the space race. If we can accomplish this in space imagine what we can do with that level of cooperation here on the surface of the Earth to tackle some of the big problems facing our planet and our global community. One of Ron's main goals in writing the book The Orbital Perspective is to take the collaboration that built and sustains the ISS and bring it down to the surface of the Earth and put it into the context of our rapidly developing hyper-connected global society.

Orbital Perspective

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Meet Astronaut Ron Garan
Saturday, August 15 from 1pm to 3pm
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
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Each book sold also comes with an enhanced E-book for The Orbital Perspective

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