Yosemite National Park Campground to Be Closed While Officials Try to Wipe Out Plague

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The California Department of Public Health posted this photo to its Facebook page of workers treating for plague.

A campground at Yosemite National Park will be closed starting at noon Monday for flea treatment after two plague-infected squirrels were found there.

The Tuolumne Meadows Campground is the second campsite to close in two weeks since a child contracted the plague while visiting the park with family members in mid-July.

Rodent burrows at the campground will be dusted with a flea insecticide to kill any remnants of the plague since it was last discovered in two dead golden-mantled ground squirrels, said Dr. Vicki Kramer, chief of the California Department of Public Health’s Vector Borne Disease Section.

The campground will be closed until noon Friday.

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