Reward Offered for 2 Stolen N.C. Wyeth Paintings After 4 Others Turn Up in Beverly Hills Pawn Shop

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The FBI offered a reward of as much as $20,000 on Tuesday for help finding the last two of six valuable paintings by the New England artist N.C. Wyeth that were stolen from a private art collector in Portland, Maine, in 2013.

Federal agents recovered the four other stolen paintings from a luxury Beverly Hills pawnshop in December after the works were driven to Southern California in an effort to find a buyer, authorities said.

Investigators believe the remaining paintings -- “The Encounter on Freshwater Cliff” and “Go Dutton, and that Right Speedily” -- are still somewhere in New England, authorities said.

Three men -- Lawrence Estrella, Dean Coroniti and Oscar Leroy Roberts -- have been convicted for their roles in transporting and possessing the stolen artwork, authorities said.

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