Video: Family of Bears Has the ‘Time of Their Life’ at Backyard Pool Party in New Jersey

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A homeowner in New Jersey captured multiple videos of a family of bears romping in a family’s backyard, above-ground pool.

In videos posted to YouTube on Wednesday by Tim Basso, five cubs and an adult bear can be seen playing with toys, swimming in the pool and jumping off a plastic slide.

Some pool toys were damaged, but the bears looked like they were having a great time.

The little girl watching, however, wasn’t as pleased. She said she was scared and didn’t necessarily want to share her toys with the cubs.

She was especially concerned about the fate of her floatie.

“Don’t be scared,” her mom responded. “They’re having the time of their life. … Don’t worry; they’ll be in someone else’s backyard tomorrow.”

The bear pool party occurred in Rockaway Township, according to the local Daily Record newspaper.