How Not to Get Arrested on Campus

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Criminal Defense Attorney Jerod Gunsberg will join us live with tips on how not to get arrested on Campus.   Jerod created this site after the viral success of his first project, Arrested at Coachella - to impart that knowledge to incoming freshmen in a fun, accessible way. If you know the consequences of your actions - and get some common misconceptions debunked right away - maybe you will be a bit savvier about everything. Campus crime has increased dramatically in the past two decades - most prominently in the areas of sexual assault and drug crimes. In Southern California, the 2013-2014 school year saw hundreds of reported sex and drug offenses, as well as thefts, burglaries and violent altercations. The unreported crime statistics are believed to be significantly higher. With recent pressure on college administrators to improve transparency and policies related to campus crime throughout the country, California schools are sure to see those numbers rise.

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