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A ‘Linear Central Park’: Frank Gehry’s L.A. River Plan Takes Shape

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The Los Angeles River as it runs near the city of Vernon. (Credit: Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)

Partners in the firm of renowned architect Frank Gehry publicly unveiled on Friday the first steps they have taken toward what appears to be a comprehensive redesign of the Los Angeles River.

They said the project could include a reengineering of the river to improve water reclamation and an overarching scheme for parkland, real estate development and bicycle and pedestrian paths along the waterway’s 52 miles.

In the architects’ briefing with reporters, the contours of Gehry’s so-far mysterious vision of a redeveloped river began to take shape.

Gehry’s partners said the project is in its infancy: To date their team has only surveyed the river and developed most of a detailed, three-dimensional landscape model of the kind Gehry insists on creating before beginning work on buildings and master plans.

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