Ohio Gov. John Kasich Tries to Praise Latinos, Ends Up Talking About Tipping the Hotel Maid

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Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, a Republican presidential candidate, speaks onstage during the Republican presidential debates at the Reagan Library on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015, in Simi Valley. (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Sharing an anecdote Thursday at a campaign event as he spoke about Republicans trying to attract Latino voters, Ohio Gov. John Kasich got tangled up on the details.

At a luncheon hosted at a posh Orange County golf club by a local political action committee, Kasich heaped praise upon Latinos — a crucial voting bloc, with 28 million expected to be eligible to vote in the 2016 election — for family values and work ethic, but then appeared to indirectly conflate Latinos and service-industry workers.

“A lot of them do jobs that they’re willing to do and, uh, that’s why in the hotel you leave a little tip,” said Kasich before a small group inside the Shady Canyon Golf Club, nestled in a gated Irvine neighborhood.

Kasich went on to tell a story about his stay at a hotel in Los Angeles in recent days.

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