South Carolina Woman Bites Off Teen’s Tongue to Escape Alleged Attempted Sexual Assault

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A South Carolina woman fought back during an alleged attempted sexual assault by biting off her attacker's tongue, according to a local television station.

Police say Antoine Mille, 16, faces five charges including criminal sexual conduct, assault and burglary, WCBD reports. He has been charged as an adult.

On the morning of Oct. 9, the victim heard someone knocking on her door. When she answered, no one was there.

Someone knocked again and then rang the doorbell. At that point,  the victim saw the suspect standing in her yard with a 13-inch serrated knife.

Police say Miller pushed his way into the victim's home, locked the dead bolt and started punching.

According to police reports, he then carried the victim over his shoulder to her bedroom where he began forcing himself on her.

The woman was finally able to escape after she bit off Miller's tongue. She fled to a gas station and called police.

The victim is 33 years old, and according to the incident report, she did not know her attacker.

According to court documents, Miller allegedly admitted to the offenses. A judge denied his bond, and he remains in jail.