L.A. Council Honors Cult Classic; Announces ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show Day’

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In the storied history of Los Angeles city government, it may have been the first time that a city lawmaker earnestly urged the public, “Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.”

Councilman Paul Koretz and other lawmakers declared Friday “Rocky Horror Picture Show Day” in a tribute to the campy cult classic known for its raucous midnight screenings, welcoming its star Tim Curry, producer Lou Adler and costumed performers to the ordinarily staid chambers of City Hall.

The film, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, is a musical tale about Dr. Frank N. Furter — a “sweet transvestite” from Transylvania who welcomes a buttoned-up couple to his castle after their car gets a flat tire on a rainy November night.

Panned by critics when it opened, it later inspired fans who dressed up as its outlandish characters, toted props like water pistols and newspapers, acted out scenes and shouted at the screen at interactive midnight screenings. Koretz said it had transformed “the very nature of the cinematic experience.”

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