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Swimming With Sharks Is ‘Meditative,’ ‘Amazing’ Experience, Divers Say

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While most people would do anything to swim away from sharks, many people choose to go nose to nose with these mysterious creatures, including KTLA's Christina Pascucci, who donned a wet suit and dove in for a live report on the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015.

KTLA's special "Shark Encounters" series, airing Nov. 16-20, covers the important science of one of the most alluring and elusive creatures in the ocean.

Those wishing to donate toward shark conservation can visit or text "SHARKS" to 301-273-1714. The group behind the Nautilus Explorer, the diving company featured in KTLA's "Shark Encounters" series, has also set up a conservation fundraising campaign on GoFundMe here.

Aquarium of the Pacific is a non-profit that promotes conservation of oceans and their animals. More information on donating or diving in the aquarium's 350,000-gallon Tropical Reef Habitat is available here.