Caught on Video: Tourists Attacked by Homeless Woman With Vacuum on Venice Boardwalk

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Residents in Venice were calling on community leaders Wednesday to help curb the increasing number of violent incidents on the popular boardwalk just days after a homeless woman was videotaped attacking several tourists.

The video taken Saturday shows a homeless woman swinging a vacuum cleaner at a couple walking down the boardwalk.

“There’s a lot of crazy people at Venice Beach, but you don’t expect them to actually attack you,” said tourist Tyler Seiders.

The couple is seen in the video trying to dodge the woman as she lunges and kicks at them.

“She didn’t hurt me too bad, but it could’ve been totally different, and it could have happened to anybody else,” said Aria Lahmann, who was visiting from New Hampshire.

Minutes before that attack, the same woman dropped a cardboard box near another couple and got ready to fight.

She was seen taking a swing at one of the people who managed to duck out of the way.

The video is an example of what some residents and visitors say is a growing problem with the homeless setting up camps along the boardwalk.

The city has formed a task force to try to deal with the problem, but the Venice Stakeholders Association says it's not enough.

The association has sued the city and county for failing to control the area and allowing the dangerous conditions to continue.

The trial is set to begin in late January.