L.A. Restaurateur Who Researched ‘Evil Ways’ to Force Miscarriage Sentenced to Prison: DA

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Joshua Woodward is seen in an undated court appearance in 2012.

A former national restaurateur was sentenced Friday to nine years in state prison for trying to induce a miscarriage of his ex-girlfriend’s fetus more than six years ago.

Joshua Woodward, 43, who co-owned the former Table 8 restaurants in Los Angeles and South Beach, pleaded no contest in November to one felony count of attempted murder in the 2009 case, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office.

Woodward, who was from a prominent Chicago family that owned Churchill Downs, allegedly begged his girlfriend to voluntarily terminate her pregnancy, prosecutors said.

When she refused, prosecutors claimed Woodward began to research “various drugs and other means to unlawfully cause a miscarriage.”

“He typed in ‘evil ways to terminate a pregnancy,'” Deputy District Attorney Habib Balian said during a 2012 court hearing.

Forensic evidence from Woodward’s computer’s hard drive showed he researched what drugs would work, how to get them on the black market and how to administer them, according to the DA’s office.

Woodward allegedly attempted to terminate the pregnancy by giving the woman the drug misoprostol, which is used to induce labor and in early-term abortions, prosecutors said.

“She became violently ill and suffered from severe nausea and diarrhea,” according to court documents. “However, her pregnancy was not terminated.”

Woodward tried three more times to induce a miscarriage.

His unnamed girlfriend did eventually miscarry.

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