Six Cases of Zika Virus Diagnosed in California, Officials Say

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The mosquito Aedes Aegypti as seen through a microscope. The main culprit in the spread of Zika as well as other viruses. (Credit: Miguel Castro/CNN)

Six people in California have been diagnosed with the Zika virus in the past three years, state public health officials said Monday. All of the cases were contracted abroad.

California Department of Public Health Director Karen Smith said Monday that there is no evidence that mosquitoes in California are carrying Zika virus — which experts think could be causing serious birth defects — but advised that people take steps to avoid being bitten. There is no vaccine for Zika.

As of last week, officials have confirmed two cases of the Zika virus in Californians who were infected while traveling abroad in 2015. There were three cases in California in 2014 and one in 2013, according to officials.

State officials said the numbers will be updated Friday, and could go up. They would not specify the location of the cases, but L.A. County officials said last week that a young girl had been diagnosed with the illness in the county.

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