New York Daily News Blasts Trump: ‘Dead Clown Walking’

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The New York Daily News continued to rib Donald Trump after his second place finish in the Iowa caucuses with a cover on Tuesday featuring an altered picture of Trump in clown makeup accompanied by the blistering headline: “Dead Clown Walking.”

Beneath the headline, the paper blares, “Trump loses Iowa to Cruz, nearly slips to 3rd; Sounds like a beaten man in morose concession.”

The cover is running the morning after Trump finished second to Ted Cruz, garnering 24% of the vote compared to Cruz’s 28%, and just ahead of Marco Rubio at 23%, in the first Republican contest.

The Daily News has repeatedly blasted Trump in its headlines throughout the 2016 campaign. After Sarah Palin endorsed Trump weeks ago, the tabloid ran a cover of the two with the caption, “I’m With Stupid.”

And following Trump’s controversial call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, the paper’s cover featured a cartoon Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty with a paraphrased version of the poem “First They Came,” about the rise of the Nazis, adapted to relate to his proposal.

The News’ newest front page, though, is a call back to one of the first Trump-related covers that caused a stir. After Trump announced his candidacy in June, the cover of the paper also pictured Trump in clown makeup with the headline, “Clown Runs For Prez.”

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