Add Wireless Charging to Your iPhone With This Slick Case

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A new iPhone case lets you charge your phone without wires.

Samsung loves to promote the wireless charging feature on its Galaxy line of smartphones. It’s a convenient way to stay powered up all day long without wires. Now you can get the same effortless charging on your iPhone just by adding a special case to your device.

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It’s called the Latitude and it’s made by Los Angeles based BEZALEL (yep, Biblical reference). Once you snap it on to your phone you can charge it basically anywhere you find a wireless charging pad. The case features a plug at the bottom which goes into the lightning port on your phone.


The neat thing about the Latitude versus other iPhone charging cases is that it doesn’t force you to choose between the two competing standards out there. One is called Qi and the other is PMA. Basically it’s like the old VHS vs Beta battle – the two companies are battling for dominance because there’s a lot to gain from licensing the technology that makes their wireless charging work in a variety of devices.

For instance, McDonald’s, IKEA, Toyota and Lexus use the Qi standard. Starbucks and Delta Airlines use the PMA standard. Latitude will charge on pads from either.

Many Android phones feature wireless charging but until Apple builds it into the iPhone the Latitude might be the next best thing.

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