Here Is the Puzzling Super Bowl Photo Apple CEO Tim Cook Tweeted

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@tim_cook / Twitter

@tim_cook / Twitter

Apple CEO, and of one of the top camera makers in the world, Tweets a blurry photo.

Update: The photo in question has been deleted. 2/10/2016

Here’s a head scratcher: Why would the CEO of Apple – one of the most valuable companies in the world and maker of the top mobile camera – post a totally blurry picture he took at the Super Bowl to Twitter? The internet is now wondering the same thing, especially since many are assuming the photo was snapped on an iPhone.

The photo was posted to Twitter at the conclusion of Super Bowl 50. It looks as if Cook was on the field when he snapped the pic, which is poorly framed and out of focus. Details from the Tweet confirm it was sent from the Twitter App for iPhone.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.57.25 AM

It’s an odd move for a company obsessed with its image and currently running a campaign showing off beautiful pictures taken by people on their iPhone.

The photo has hundreds of retweets and lots of comments from people wondering why the CEO would send out such a lousy picture.

There are two sides here – first, it’s refreshing to see an impromptu moment shared by the CEO of such a guarded company. On the flip side, it can be pretty typical that our smartphones fail to clearly capture a great moment, and Cook’s tweet embodies that sentiment.

Overall, it’s a fail because Apple has a lot riding on its smartphone camera and this would have been a good opportunity for the company to build positive buzz by showing off a stellar photo from its upcoming iPhone 7.

It seems as if Cook tried to redeem himself by posting an additional Super Bowl photo a few hours later – and this time it was in focus.

@Tim_Cook / Twitter

@Tim_Cook / Twitter

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