Cancer Patient, 15, Sings Moving Rendition of ‘Ave Maria’ for Pope Francis at Mexico City Hospital

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People often ask why papal trips matter. The faces of the children at a hospital in Mexico who met Pope Francis on Sunday are a pretty good answer.

At Federico Gomez Pediatric Hospital in Mexico City, Pope Francis prayed, hugged and even doled out medicine to a little boy.

In the cancer ward, a young patient sang a beautiful a capella version of “Ave Maria” to the pontiff. As you can see in the video above, he clearly enjoyed it.

The Catholic News Agency identified the patient as 15-year-old Alexia Garduño, who suffers from osteosarcoma.

The Pope is in Mexico through February 17, when he will celebrate Mass near the U.S. border in Juarez. That part of the five-day trip has generated some criticism from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

KTLA’s John A. Moreno contributed to this report.