Video of Crab Wielding a Knife Goes Viral

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Video of a knife-wielding crab appearing to fend off the human recording it has gone viral, having been viewed tens of millions of times since being posted to a Facebook page on Friday.

The 35-second clip begins with the colorful crab backed up against what appears to be a building’s wall. The small crustacean is holding a blue kitchen knife in its left claw.

As the man recording the footage follows, apparently trying to get the knife back, the menacing crab moves backwards, still wielding the item.

The man makes several motions to take back the knife, but the crab is still holding its “weapon” when the short clip concludes.

The widely circulated video has been watched more than 1 million times on YouTube, and a posting to the “Seriously Hardcore” Facebook page has garnered more than 78 million views since Friday afternoon.